Purchasing Shoes To Avoid Sporting Injuries

When playing sports, you can spend hours doing the correct stretches and ensuring you are getting the rest you need. However, this is not doing you any favours if you are not wearing the correct footwear. Instead of going for the next yeezy release or keeping an eye out for those upcoming Jordan release dates, you need to research and find the best shoe for your sport, regardless of visual design.

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You wouldn’t use damaged equipment nor would you use something that has been deemed unsafe. So why are we wearing the incorrect shoes that will only lead us to strain and other types of sporting injuries. Wearing the correct and proper footwear can ensure your feet are free from damage so you won’t need to be taking any time off work.

There really isn’t any sport that doesn’t require work from your ankles and feet. You can be left vulnerable to sprains and fractures by not wearing the correct footwear. Invest in a quality pair of shoes that accommodate your body type and offer the right protection for your body for the particular type of sport you are involved in. Limit your chances of encountering certain injuries like kneecap damage, tendonitis, stress fractures and shin splints.

Specific sport footwear

When it comes time to buy new footwear consider the demand of the sport you are playing and how it can affect your body. Don’t get sucked into fashion and trends stick to the type of footwear that are going to be functional for you but also offer the protection you need. Here are a few things to ensure your footwear has before buying:

Shock absorption

When you are running or playing you experience the constant friction and pressure of the game. Buying shoes that have shock absorption means they are able take the grunt of the force, so your body doesn’t have to. If the shoes have the proper absorption, then you will reduce the impact that can eventually be harmful and damaging to the joints and bones.

Ankle support

If your shoe has ankle support then that means there is a limitation of the side to side movement which helps to keep the foot aligned with your ankle. Another option is to consider ankle braces which are suited for sports like hockey, ice-skating and basketball.


You want a pair of shoes that offer plenty of traction. If your sport has a lot of sprinting, cutting and quick changes of direction then having high traction is important. Traction needs to allow you to be flexible with movements but stop you from sliding and slipping when you shouldn’t.

Arch support

Arch support is important for your feet and your overall body. When you are buying your next shoes ask the store to do a test to evaluate the gait. If you pronate then you would need a stability shoes and a neutral shoe if you tend to have a higher to normal arch.

Do your research and purchase only what is suited for you and the sport you play. Investing in some decent shoes can mean avoiding injuries and future problems like sore knees and back pain. For a few extra dollars you not only get a better quality and durable shoe that will last longer but your body will thank you in the end.