5 Ways To Clean And Maintain Your Bathroom

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We are going to cover a few everyday things that you can do to keep your bathrooms looking great and feeling good (and cleaner). What you want; is to learn a simple method for efficiently and quickly cleaning your bathroom so that you can do it regularly. It might seem like a chore to clean your whole bathroom every day, but there are some easy steps to make this into a daily habit that takes just minutes.

Grab any toilet cleaner that you own, and we would recommend using a more powerful general-purpose cleaner if cleaning once every month or so. Or else apply all-purpose cleaner if you clean regularly or acid-based cleaner if your shower has significant buildup. Using an all-purpose cleaner, thoroughly coat faucets and countertops, then clean off with a clean cloth. If you have built up in your sink or soap dispenser, use a scrubby sponge to loosen it up before wiping.

If you have some buildup in your sink, use the scrubby side of the sponge before wiping the sink clean. To keep a bathroom sink clean, we recommend washing it out after every use and drying thoroughly. To aid in this process, you can keep a cloth and spray bottle of vinegar near your sink or in your bathroom cabinet for everyday use.

You can also keep a container of cleaning wipes underneath the sink for wiping down floors around the toilet, as well as a quick cleaning solution to use anytime. By keeping supplies on hand, older kids can also help wipe the bathroom clean after using it. Bathrooms see many germs passing through the door; keeping up with these is challenging. If you are experiencing illness at home, deep cleaning your bathrooms might help to keep it from spreading further. For instance, start with deep cleaning your toilet, as it is among the hardest parts of a bathroom to clean and keeping it in good condition is essential for one’s health.


Cleaning the toilet is not a complicated process as they take up less room in the bathroom and have fewer parts needing cleaning. Then clean the bidet to make sure that the most used areas of your bathroom are properly sanitised as they can contribute to spreading the infection.

Moreover, of all of the rooms in your house, your bathroom is likely high on the list for being the room that you enjoy cleaning the least. Next to your kitchen, your bathroom is the most-used room in the home, which may make keeping things tidy and clean difficult. Some might refer to it as a ‘home away from home ‘ because of the overall time we spend there – combining the cleaning part as well.

The bathroom seems to attract only dirt and mud and is usually one of the hardest areas to clean; there is always more cleaning that needs to happen in a bathroom. It is no fun taking time out of your day to clean the bathroom; grout in the shower can become very mouldy, shower screens continue to gather mud, and getting behind the toilet to clean is definitely not something we would want to do. An uncleaned bathroom and toilet smell, there is no getting around this fact; you need to deep clean and declutter your bathrooms in order to keep this odour at bay. While cleaning your bathroom might not be the first thing on your mind, it is the one task you need to complete, even when it smells.

Cleaning can be easily delayed, but our health and happiness are far better served by keeping our bathrooms germ free – though, believe it or not, your kitchen has a lot more. Read on to learn more about some of the best cleaning methods and some good habits that you can adopt to keep your bathroom tidy.

Whenever you are considering how you are going to decorate your new bathroom, remember that simplicity makes it easy both when it comes to choosing things and when it comes to your cleanliness. For instance, look for a bathroom vanity that is easier to maintain and helps to design your dream bathroom. Next, add in some personal items, or incorporate some quotes in your decoration pieces to motivate you to take good care of yourself. Don’t forget – once you get both your bath and home cleaned up to perfection, you will have even more time to indulge in life’s luxuries, like enjoying a day of pampering yourself in the house.

Furthermore, deeply cleaning your bathrooms on a regular basis will enable you to monitor for potential maintenance issues or decorations you will need to fix. The glass in your bathroom, be it mirrors or glass shower doors, should be cleaned appropriately weekly. For your glass shower door, though, we would recommend sponging it down with foam-based bath cleaner and then wiping it down with a clean cloth.

We would highly suggest that you avoid using an abrasive cleaner or scrubbers when cleaning the glass itself because it is very likely to scratch or dull the glass. You can use abrasive scrub pads for cleaning the floor of the shower as well as ring-marking in your tub, while a tile brush is effective for cleaning the grout. Cream cleaning products can be ideal for cleaning bathrooms, including removing water marks from glass shower screens. You can also use baking soda to clean around the exterior of the toilet bowl and the seat, using a cloth to clean it off and wash it off.

If you are really going for a perfectly cleaned toilet, pull your shower curtains and shower liners from their racks and wash them in your laundry machine, or soak them in your sink with a cupful of all-purpose cleaner. If your mirrors are already cleaned, use this time to clean the sink and bathtub fixtures too and make them shiny.

If you have a washing machine and dryer, it makes this easier since you can dry them off before you are done cleaning the bathroom, but it is a step that you should do no matter what. If you have been leaving your bathroom untouched for long periods and have allowed clutter to accumulate, then the easiest, fastest method to declutter it also takes up a significant amount of time.

Always keep in mind that although you might not enjoy the bathroom cleaning process every day, it is an important step toward taking care of your family’s health. Just realising this can help you to prioritise this task on your to-do list and find a way that works best for you to keep it in good condition.