How to Build a Product Display Stand

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More often times than not, product display stands are used in stores and small boutiques to display items like books, statues, hair products and paintings. This is not all you can choose to put anything you like on display but most often they are items that are related to your store or items you are selling to your clientele. Display stands can be easily made and are great inclusions that can safely hold the items you want on display in your store or even in your home. If you have already looked into buying a display stand then you will notice that they are very expensive to buy, and you need quite a few, particularly if you are in the market for a selection of brand new metal display stands. To solve the problem of expense did you know you can make a cheaper version that works just the same but is a lot less damaging to your bank account?

All you need to start the creation process is some plain plywood and a few hardware tools and supplies. Get your plywood and place it on a flat surface like the floor or a worktable. Get a basic ruler, pencil and mearing tape that you will use to make a rectangle that measures 8 inches by 2 inches. Go ahead now and draw another piece that measures 4 by 2 inches and a small piece that measures 2 by ½ inch.

Now you need to cut the rectangles out with a jigsaw, you can use a hand saw if you don’t have a jigsaw, it will just be a little bit harder and more time consuming in the long run. To remove the splinters and uneven wood you will need to sandpaper the edges.

Get the 4-inch piece and put it on the table. You need to ensure that the 2 inch is laying flat and not standing upwards. Placing the smallest 2 inch by a ½ inch on the top of the 4-inch piece then slide it down to one end. The 2-inch width of both pieces need to line up properly. Now hammer ¾ nails or as close to that as you can get into the small piece from the top. That way, they go into the 4inch underneath.

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Now take the 8inch long piece and put it so that it will stick directly in the air. Now slide the 4inch bit up to it using the opposite end of the smaller piece that you just connected. Now the 2inch sides should end up lining up.

You will need to connect the 8inch piece to the smaller 4inch piece with nails being hammered into the 8inch piece this way it will extend into the 4inch piece of wood. The finished product should look like a mechanical U-shape, where one end is 8-inches high and the other is 1/2-inch high, with a 4-inch long centre bar.

Repeat the building process in order to create several of these display stands. Now you can display paintings by placing the stand within the middle of the painting so it cannot fall over. If you need to display something bigger you can use two or three together or you can just make bigger ones if you are confident enough.

Do display stands increase sales in stores?

Yes, they do and here is how:

  • Advertise special deals
  • Display shelves entice people inside
  • Attracts media attention
  • A way to introduce products to customers
  • Easy way to manage stock and inventory to avoid wastage and throw-outs for stocktake
  • Allows for the opportunity to be creative when advertising
  • Fits the mould of what a retail store/supermarket is expected to look like

Each display stand can be used in its own way in order to promote the company. Each product you have on show will take your store to the next level and these can be placed everywhere in your store where they are most valuable.

There are more than just financial benefits when it comes to learning to build your own product display stand. Undertaking physical tasks such as this may bring out a passion in you that you never thought existed. Working with your hands and engaging your thinking can be something that could lead to a potential career path down the road, but how? Learning to work with wood or metal and constructing items that are of need can be your first step into many different apprenticeship pathways. The skills you can develop through undertaking tasks such as this can really set you up and can also be considered as a part of employability skills training. Putting on your resume that you have these unique skills can make you quite attractive to potential employers.

In this article you have not only learnt how to build a display stand, but the wide varieties that learning this skill can offer you and your business.